5 Powerful Learning Strategies to Share with Students

The teaching world is one that is faced by so many challenges. Passing information to your students and being sure they can use it not only in the exam but future can be heard. This is the reason you should teach your students how to learn on their selves to understand the information you gave to them.

Below are some of the 5 learning strategies you should give to your students;

Focused on studying.

Most students make the mistake of reading just any subject that comes to mind without a timetable sort of guide. It may work for some students, but it is never efficient enough. You should train your students on how to come up with a study timetable which helps them spread out their reading to cover the whole course rather than reading without a focus which may result in the concentration to a particular subject than the others.


You should also teach your students how to be open-minded when reading. They should understand that what you give them to class should just be a guide. So they should try and exploit the topic in different ways by asking themselves open-ended questions around that topic. When it comes to the exam, they will not have a hard time answering any type of related question.

Use of examples.

Another learning you should pass to your student is the use of examples so as to make sure a particular concept sticks. When reading, they should try and create their own examples from what was provided in class. This helps the student understand any topic, especially the problematic tasks e.g., Maths – read article on tips to be a good teacher.

Pay attention to any visual.

On most used learning materials, there is the provision of learning of a visual before or after any illustration. Your images should know that these images are actually very memorable to the text they are concentrating on. They should make sure that the image is something they relate with well-when a question on the topic is asked; the image comes at the back of the mind.

Learn to retrieve information without any material.

You should also train your students on the power of training their retention power. This can be done by asking them to keep any learning materials away, asking those questions which they can try and answer, after which you now allow them to revisit their learning materials. This helps the students to retain information better and avoid being reliant on the learning materials.

With the above learning strategies, you can be sure that your students will not have trouble applying the same in the exams or future.